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B & B Muffler & Automotive
3000 S. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704
30.243098 -97.783209
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  Nick/Kay 11/08/2018
B&B is the best...I recommend to family and friends...they are polite and helpful...they go the extra mile to help me...
  Steve 11/01/2018
  Wendell 11/01/2018
Diagnosed issue correctly and even told me of another problem that was just repaired 90 days before. They advised me to go back to that repair shop and have them check it out and that repair shop confirmed the error and fixed the issue to my satisfaction Will definitely take my vehicles to B&B. Best my brakes have ever been on my 2004 Toyota Tacoma.
  Ben & Meredith 11/01/2018
  Cindy 10/26/2018
Fast and friendly.
  Martha 10/25/2018
Courteous, professional service. Completed the work in the time promised.
  Amy 10/25/2018
  Korri 10/25/2018
You guys always treat me well! I never feel like I'm being bs'd or lied to. That means the most to me as I have never found an auto otive shop that I didn't feel like they were trying to get one over on me.
  Eric 10/18/2018
  Steve 10/06/2018
This is a long review, so please bear with me. I travelled from Philadelphia to Austin for a wedding. Prior to the trip, I'd taken my car to a nationwide service center to have it checked out for the trip. The nationwide service center told me I needed brakes, which didn't surprise me. The first set they did failed and needed a second try. After that second try, they assured me I was good to go. Well, an hour before the wedding (20 miles away from where I was staying) they failed again. To make matters worse, it was 5:00 PM on a Saturday. After trying in vain to find a place to deal with the problem, I stumbled on B and B. Zack took my call, immediately understood the issue and, even though they were about to close, arranged for me to bring the vehicle in first thing Monday morning, which I did. They diagnosed the problem, explaining that the nationwide service center had only treated a symptom, not the disease, and got the vehicle to the point where I could limp back to Philadelphia to have it fixed properly under the warranty (it would have taken three days for them to receive the part from Ford). They also provided explicit, written instructions as to what the issue was and how it should be fixed. Well, sure enough, I made it back, no problem. That nationwide service center read the assessment and said, "Oh, yeah, we didn't think of that" and tried to put the blame on Ford, although it was the vehicle's first set of brake replacements. In the end, I'd had to take an Lyft to the wedding ($50.00 round trip), cancel the second part of the vacation to New Orleans, and deal with the unknown for the 1600 mile trip home. However, that was all water under the bridge when compared to the unbelievably compassionate and kind treatment I received from B and B. I only wish they were here or I was there so I could be a regular customer. Thanks again, Zack and everyone else there- you guys are awesome!
  Morgan 09/27/2018
Being a young woman I have had many run ins with mechanics trying to take my money with out fixing the problem. These guys are the opposite of that! They worked so efficiently and got the job done. I am thankful to have found them and I have never said that about a mechanic before.
  Steve & Deborah 09/27/2018
B&B Muffler & Automotive has repaired both of our vehicles. They are timely and don?t overcharge and do great work
  Yakov 09/22/2018
  Nick/Kay 09/20/2018
Excellent service...courteous servicemen...fair prices...Thanks Nick Huestis
  Jennifer 09/17/2018
They were super nice and let me change the station on the T.V.
  Lawrence G. Jr. 09/13/2018
Good customer service! SES light fixed and inspection done in a timely manner...
  Larry 09/13/2018
Very Happy with everything. From the sound to the tips on the new exhaust.
  Karla 09/13/2018
B&B always provides great service. They are professional, friendly and quick and good service. I would highly recommend them
  Timothy 09/09/2018
  Mary Beth 08/31/2018
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